Endlessly Copying Ourselves

by Message To The Machine

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“The whole idea of ‘endlessly copying ourselves’ is based on the constant re-manufacturing
of already used ideas. The same monotonous routine covered in a new roll of cellophane.
The sad fact that we, as a human race, are running around in circles.” - James Orez

Created over the space of seven months this EP was recorded at a independent home studio. All songs written by James Orez. Mixed and Mastered at Dark Feather Productions.
All sounds crafted with various synthesisers combined with various manipulated, self made, samples. All original material. All by one person.
Thank you for listening.


released 13 February 2012



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Track Name: Psycho Bitch Commentary
Welcome to her nightmare, say hello to her now.
All her little pleasures fall into the ground.
'Maybe it's just me? Maybe it's just her? But I don't understand her psycho bitch commentary!'
All her little crimes are clear, all her little bribes are clear. She thinks she'll be safe inside her tower.
Listen now to the words shooting right out of her. I know it's her way of being happy. I think it can be different if she tries just a little more, they can see her.
All the little things are crumbling. All the little things are falling apart. I can tell her one thing that is clear. She doesn't mean shit to me anymore.
Inside she's crying, dying from all of her manipulation. She's throwing it away.
Rambling on with her psycho bitch commentary it may not be clear to her but it's clear to me that she doesn't mean anything to anybody. She made herself a lifeless whore.
Track Name: The Engineer [2012 Edition]
Maybe I need to make things that don't make sense to me. I just need to see the things come together. I know these little pieces fit just perfectly, but they don't seem to fit or work.
'Standing in the light like a little liar, living out this hollow lost existence, my eyes they burn a thousand frail tears down beneath our flickering light of hope.
Crying in the light like a little liar, weary faces tell tales better lost, I can reach out some days, I can change these little things people hate about me.'
Oh so many days I have tried my best to fix the broken pieces that you throw to the floor.
I am the only engineer putting our broken pieces back together, I am the only reason any of this works. Oh for so many days you have laughed at me for trying, for doing this.
I can be what you need. I can make It be. If you tell me clearly what you want.
Track Name: Endlessly Copying Ourselves
Inside this place I can't hear you, I can't see you, I can't feel you. All their blinds are falling down in front of us, between us all.
Here now I am travelling between safety lines for them. Here now I am following our great noble destroyer.
'Everyday I try my best to fit in here, to be like you. Every second I grow nearer to my end, It's all the same.'
You're nothing special when you speak
You're not anyone when I look down on you
You're nothing more then the endless drivel
Seeping from this machine.
'Everyday I try my best to fit in here, to be like you. Every second I grow nearer to my end, It's all the same.'
I wish they would be here with me, show me hope, show me something!
I can't keep on going like this, I can't allow this to be anymore. I can't listen to their hatred, I can't let you grow like them. I can't make it change inside, I can't watch this shit become. I can't be this way for you, I just want to die.
Track Name: Your Words Make Me Sick
‎"No reprise from lost denials,
I can see your false intentions,
Every lie you try to force in,
Devils rip away ambitions,
Every word you say makes me sick."
Track Name: The XY Man
Listen to them as they fall down.
You are so wrong they will never trust you.
I have tried for so long, no one truly cares.
Why can't they see their own failure?
I can hear every pain inside your voice.
What a shame to witness all of our mistakes.
I'm not wrong, they don't know
Hear my cry, don't deny.